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Where is Jura?

Map of West ScotlandJura is at the southern end of the Inner Hebrides and is one of the best kept secrets in Scotland! Few have heard of it and it is off the beaten track. Transport links are good with a regular vehicle ferry to Islay. This ferry operates from 07:35 on weekdays and runs regularly until 18:30. Thereafter two late ferries can be booked, given appropriate notice, one at 21:30 and one at 23:00.

From Islay there is a twice daily vehicle ferry, operated by CalMac, to Kennacraig at the head of the Kintyre Peninsula.

In summer additional ferries are run and there are links to Oban and Colonsay.

There is a twice daily air service from Islay to Glasgow Airport, operated by Loganair, with talk of a second, independent air link being planned to Prestwick.

Jura is also served by two, small, charter boat services which provide a very quick crossing to the mainland.

In short, we are remote enough to make life extremely pleasant and stress free, but close enough to be able to access all the amenities!

If you want to find out more about the geography of Jura and its surroundings, Streetmap provides the basic information.

However, Jura is not just for those seeking recreation! Some are trying to make a living on the island and these pages aim to provide a gateway to the services and goods which are available. At any time, some of what is described may be an idea, not yet fully developed - Pier Chandlery, Digital Imaging & Made on Jura are in this category. However, as each of these sites goes live details of the new pages will be posted here. Indeed, it is hoped that more ideas will sparked and developed so that there will always be a pending list waiting to be publicised here.

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Take your time, browse the pages at your leisure and come back to visit regularly!

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