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The island of Jura, the second most southerly of the Argyll islands, is, perhaps, one of the least known of all the Scottish islands. Jura is an island of contrast. In places there is immense, breath-taking beauty; in others there is a bleakness that can be almost frightening, yet touches something elemental. There is enclosed, cultivated farmland and the untamed might of the Atlantic thundering onto the shore. Solitude and quietness are available in abundance, but there is also the music, crowd and gaiety of a spontaneous ceilidh in the pub. Whatever your taste, Jura can provide for it and these pages are your guide to the facilities available.

However, Jura is not just for those seeking recreation! Some are trying to make a living on the island and these pages aim to provide a gateway to the services and goods which are available. At any time, there are many ideas being discussed and once these pass beyond the development stage details of each new project will be posted on this site. Any good ideas you may have would also be of interest, so please don't be shy about contacting us with suggestions! Any comment you have about the site will also be appreciated as will your thoughts after a visit to Jura.

Take your time, browse the pages at your leisure and come back to visit regularly!

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At last, after many, many years of inactivity, I have managed to do something about the site! This has been prompted by the advent of Diura Trading, an online trading venture. Will I maintain the development process - wait and see, it's anybody's guess!